Cimelio Jewelry strives to find the balance between the delicate beauty of antique designs and the sophistication of modern style.  Inspired by the mathematically pure geometric shapes found in Medieval art and architecture (such as a trefoil leaf or the quatrefoils adorning a reliquary) and infused with an aesthetic reflective of today's style and sensibility, Cimelio Jewelry's designs are modern heirlooms--with a past, present and future all their own.  Meticulously executed by local artisans, Cimelio's designs feature repurposed antique diamonds and gemstones.  The spirit of Cimelio Jewelry--which means relic in Italian--is to craft pieces with sentimentality and style; pieces that defy trends and can be passed on from generation to generation.  Cimelio Jewelry does not just create beautiful objets d'art, but beautiful moments in time.  From a proposal, to a birthday, to a gift of love, every Cimelio jewel is created to celebrate these special moments in life. 

CIMELIO JEWELRY- A Legacy of Jewels Specially Created to

Celebrate Life's Special Moments

 The Designer


Sarah Demchyk began her lifelong love affair with designing and creating jewelry at the early age of four.  Inspired by her aunt's voluminous jewelry collection, Sarah set out drawing the designs she coveted, cut them out of paper, and proceeded to wear her handiwork.   Her passion for design was cultivated throughout her adolesence and enhanced by her intrinsic creative nature.  Sarah developed her gift for design and creativity throughout her adolesence and made  jewelry out of whatever materials she had on hand.  Fed by her need for tactile creativity and design, Sarah started her company and began making jewelry out of found materials such as gold and silver wire, freshwater pearls, and semi-precious stones.  She continued her craft while majoring in Art History at Bryn Mawr College while concentrating her academic studies on the history of adornment, medieval metallurgy, and mineralogy.

Upon her completion of her undergraduate degree, Sarah pursued her Graduate Gemologist certification from the prestigious Gemological Institute of America in New York City.  After finishing at the top of her class, Sarah began working as the head gemologist for a wholesale diamond dealer in Dallas, Texas.  It was here that she refined her eye for the unusual and old-cut diamonds and antique pieces that enhance the majority of her pieces. 

Sarah continued to develop her desgin aesthetic and in 2011 Cimelio Jewelry was officially born.  As a Gemologist and Designer, Sarah educates her clients on the importance of the fineness of cut and color for both diamonds and colored stones.  Sarah prides herself on the fact that her clients are as much involved in the design process as she is.  It is this fact that makes every Cimelio jewel so unique and so special 


"Gems have life in them: their colors speak, say what words fail of."
-George Eliot