"My goal was to create an engagement ring that was original, beautiful, representative of my girlfriend, and one that would survive time to be passed down through generations.  From a friend, I heard that Sarah and Cimelio would be the perfect place to create this one of a kind piece of jewelry.  The process with Sarah from the beginning was very organized, and communication throughout the creative and production stage was always prompt, professional, and well thought out.  She not only impressed me with the knowledge she had of jewelry design and of stones, but of her deep contacts within the industry.  She was able to leverage these contacts and put a number of high quality stones in front of me from around the country.  From our conversations in the creative process she came up with a very unique band design that surprised me in how perfectly it displayed the relationship that I was trying to symbolize in this ring.  I developed deep trust in her insight and advice and relied on her throughout.  Now that the ring is produced, I couldn’t be happier.  I recommend Sarah to everyone that finds themselves in a situation similar to mine.  Someone with little knowledge of jewelry, but wants an original piece from a designer that cares and will produce stunning results.  My now fiancé can’t stop looking at Sarah’s creation.  She’s in love with it.  I know it will be a treasured part of our relationship for years to come." -Rob K.


"A friend referred Sarah to my fiancé and I for our wedding bands, and we were down to the wire for getting something done.  She immediately put us at ease for completing our rings on time, and she communicated with us throughout the entire process.  Not only did she deliver ahead of schedule, the workmanship was beautiful!  It was an easy thing to cross off the wedding checklist since we were in such good hands. " -Christa W.


"From Cimelio's custom designs to the ready-to-wear pieces, everything is exquisite and they have something for every budget." -Izzy H.


"I loved working with Sarah because she truly knows her craft.  Every part of the design is meticulously discussed and planned out.  Her attention to detail is extraordinary, and it’s evident in the piece.  I know that my fiancé received a piece of jewelry that will be handed down for generations to come." -Pete C.


"Sarah's knowledge of gems and jewelry is extraordinary.  She really knows her craft and helps you navigate the ins and outs of the jewelry industry.  The education I received helped me make an informed purchase with confidence.  I will definitely work with her for future jewelry purchases because I automatically know the quality is there." -Dave W.